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Psychology of seduction

Accordance to www.wikipedia.org seduction is the process of deliberately enticing a person to engage. This word might have different meanings. one side is bad, other side good, but most of the stories and legends of seduction has negative value. "The best" seducers like Casa Nova or Don Juan had and still have very bad images between women. However, females are titled as the best seducers of all times. Against the best womens' traps none of the man kind can't stay indifferent.

Differences between men and women require different seductions' techniques. In some literature you can find that if you want to seduce a women first of all you have to find witch type she belongs. It is said, that there are three types of women: "The Auditory Girls", "Visual girls" and "Kinesthetic girls". If man wants to seduce the first type girl, he must be very communicative and theatrical. Second type of girls loves men who visually creative and give many gifts to them. It's very important to visualize what about man is talking. Kinesthetic girls like feelings and touches, so man has to be very gentle and show everything through touching(1).

Men have main principles how to seduce them. in many literature is said, that the main things are: woman has to be playful, play hard to get, and be a delicate flower who he can care of. Of course in the same time woman has to show that she is very appreciative and happy about his actions and exquisitely flirt.

in the conclusion it is important to understand that every gender has their differences. It is said that men loves by eyes and women by ears. In this sentence you can find the truth, but the most important thing is to try to communicate and notice what might like to your person and be yourself. Then seducing won't mean such negative idea.


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